Timothy has had several careers throughout his life that have taken him quite literally across the country and half way around the world.  It was on one of his early forays as a young soldier serving overseas with the United Nations that Timothy acquired his zest for adventure and an appreciation of different cultures and landscapes.


Timothy believes that it is the combination of the aforementioned appreciations, relevant life experiences and formal education that pave the way for an intelligent and insightful writing style and eye for the lens that can aid in addressing social issues and current affairs both at home and abroad.


A contributing writer and photographer for The Colours Group of Canada, Timothy is presently in Chiapas, Mexico for an extended period of time and will be traveling throughout most all of Latin America in the months to come.


In addition to doing foundation studies for the Colours Group of Canada ,Timothy has also founded The Faces Group and has published the groups first project, The Faces of San Cristobal. 


Timothy is currently working in cooperation with a San Cristobal tourist company as he continues with his latest project, traveling to and shooting Mayan Ruins.





Timothy has recently returned to San Cristobal de Las Casa, Chiapas after spending time in Canada, and parts of Central America.

In addition, he continues to work on the flagship site for The Faces Group,  in addition too several other projects.

As such, this is a very exciting time with more travel through Central and South America planned for later in the season, where several of these projects will be shot alone and possibly in collaboration with other photographers.




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