Bringing Balance to Bias

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Bringing Balance to Bias is a project that attempts to counter the abundance of negative imagery that has come out of Mexico’s Northern States while it struggles with the narcotics trade.

While I am by no means ignorant to the realities of the drug trade, I do feel that the “Western” Media has been unjust in its portrayal of Mexico’s Northern States, particularly Sinaloa and Chihuahua, and when I was presented with the opportunity to travel overland from Chiapas to Chihuahua, and return, my only reservations were about my personal finances.

The journey of over 5500 km was exciting and full of beautiful natural vistas, culture, history and most importantly, wonderful people.  I felt welcomed and comfortable in every city, town and village that I visited and although the local economies of many of the towns that I visited were driven by the drug trade, my experience in each location was overwhelmingly positive.




Timothy has recently returned to San Cristobal de Las Casa, Chiapas after spending time in Canada, and parts of Central America.

In addition, he continues to work on the flagship site for The Faces Group,  in addition too several other projects.

As such, this is a very exciting time with more travel through Central and South America planned for later in the season, where several of these projects will be shot alone and possibly in collaboration with other photographers.




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