Timothy is presently on the ground in Chiapas where he is spending an extended amount of time in the hopes of getting a better understanding of the region and it's people. 

This is affording Timothy the opportunity to interact, observe and photograph the people and their region in a way that may not be possible with a shorter stay.


In addition to his ongoing projects, Timothy has also been shooting "The Faces of San Cristobal," which is availible for viewing at:


This is an ongoing project as Timothy continues to travel throughout Chiapas.


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Timothy has recently returned to San Cristobal de Las Casa, Chiapas after spending time in Canada, and parts of Central America.

In addition, he continues to work on the flagship site for The Faces Group,  in addition too several other projects.

As such, this is a very exciting time with more travel through Central and South America planned for later in the season, where several of these projects will be shot alone and possibly in collaboration with other photographers.




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