A Day in Mexico City.


This project was initially planned to be shot in just under a week with the photos being compressed into a day in Mexico City but the mere size and diversity of Mexico City commanded nothing short of the three weeks that the project took and even that is not realistically enough time.

Heading into this project had me hearing many things about Mexico, DF from many different people and what struck me as rather odd was that every opinion I heard was bias.

Mexico City was neither the crime ridden post apocalyptic wasteland that I was hearing about, nor was it a beautiful, enchanted foreign land. It was Mexico City, home to over 20 million people and as such it has to contend with that while it emerges as an alpha city that is both wealthy and poor at the same time.

I simply wiped any pre-conceived opinions that I may have formed about Mexico City and hit the streets as a blank slate while letting the camera show all the sides of the city that I encountered.

The result is a compilation of three weeks’ worth of shooting that portrays a day in Mexico City.